Wolken is a ready-to-wear lifestyle brand based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our work is inspired by the precious moments when our attention is drawn by something little that, unexpectedly, touches us.

"We're talking about a ray of sunlight on the lake, or a silence just before the climax of a song or, probably most intriguing of all: the colouring of the mighty clouds high up above. Sometimes attention is drawn by something seemingly small, something that feels as if it were meant only for you to notice, something that touches you in an extraordinary way... Now these are precious moments of absolute awareness, where inspiration will come naturally and where we can finally feel free, alive and connected with the world."

With a strong focus on simple yet attention-grabbing design, we are driven to create intriguing work that portrays these moments- while spreading the positive vibes that get us turned up and ready to go H.A.M.